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 Nepal Baptist College is an educational ministry of Nepal Baptist Church Council that was established in A.D. 1998 When the Baptist churches were growing numerously, they needed to train the leaders of the local churches for effective ministry. The great challenges of our former leaders, this felt need to give a conception of a vision to start to establish that is Educational Centre that would meet the then urgent needs of the charges, as a result, Nepal Baptist Bible Institute (NBBI) was launched on 1st June 1998 at Damak Baptist Church, 10 parts Nepal, starting a short-term leadership training under the leadership of Rev. Daniel Subba and Muktinath Khatiwada. As the vision widened, a Bachelor of Theology degree was also offered, and the first batch of B.Th. was started on 5th June 2006. The executive committee of NBCC unanimously agreed on to change the name of NBBI to NBBC (Nepal Baptist Bible College) to NBC (Nepal Baptist College).

Now, NBC is one of the recognized, known for academic excellence and committed for mission-oriented theological Institutions in Nepal that offers Master of Theology (M. Th.) consortium with AGSTNP, Master of Divinity (M.Div.), Bachelor of Theology, (B.Th.) and Bachelor in Ministry in Nepali (B. Min.). BBC is an accredited member of Asia Theological Association (ATA) that is known for its commitment to academic excellence.

NBC is a Theological Academic Institution that is deeply rooted in the teaching the scripture theologically; ( Scripture-based), Committed to living and serve under the Lordship of Jesus Christ( Christ-centered), forming student to show the body of Christ ( Church Oriented), committed to living to fulfill the Great Commission ( Mission Minded), and committed to a Holistic Approach to emphasis of head, heart, hand, and health Holistically focused) for the comprehensive development which would produce contextual, effectual, and skillful Christian leaders. NBC has been supported financially by free-will offerings from individuals and churches around the world. NBBC is dedicated as a strategic place to share and invest God’s agendas and blessings to Nepalese diverse communities which would primarily focus to evangelize the unreached, for such divinely ordained act it invites individuals, churches, trusts and foundations to partner with us through prayer, service, and financial support and others necessary relevant equipment.


Bachelor of Theology

Duration: Three and a half years and a 6 Month Ministry Internship

Purpose of the Program:
Bachelor of Theology 4 years, total 108 credit hours and 6 month practical ministry oriented degree Program which has been designed as an undergraduate degree level with the very purpose to provide with basic comprehensive level of both practical and theological education about Bible and Ministry, to be able to work as an effective and transformational leader into various Christian ministry capacity.

The Prospect Outcomes of the Program:
At the end of the course, the candidate will achieve the followings:

1. Demonstrate deeper knowledge about God, Scripture, and Systematic Theology.
2. Gain indepth knowledge about Christian theology.
3. Competent in leadership skill and principle.
4. Have awareness of various heresies, world religions and cultic doctrines and motives.
5. Able to handle key leadership role into local church and others social sector and communities.
6. Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge about Bilbical mission and its fundamental, principles and practices.
7. Rooted into sound Bilbical doctrines and practice.
8. Be able to apply contextually relevant Bilbical teaching into communities and churches.
9. Know the dipper knowledge about the history of Christianity and its development.
10. Balanced an integrated approach of both Biblical theology and Biblical mission.
11. Explore the spiritual gifts grounded in the Scripture necessary to the mission of God and use them as per need in local churches or Christian ministries.
12. Demonstrate skillfully the pastoral and leadership role into both local churches and other organizations.
13. Gain proper Bilbical hermeneutical skill to be able to interpret the complexity of the Scripture in a proper manner; rightly and carefully dividing the Scripture.
14. To be able to preach, teach and defend the Scriptural truth both in local churches and communities.
15. Explore and sharpen the leadership and administrative management skill.
16. Developed themselves as faithful, potential and practically skillful leader, being competent in the Christian ministry and evaluating their personal spiritual life and grow into deeper and maturity level with God.
17. Prepare to be an effective and fruitful disciple and to disciple the nations.

Master of Divinity

The course consists of a total of 75 credit hours apart from one-year pre-M. Div. course that is required for those candidates who will direct come from secular study background that is a bachelor in any stream. A total of 111 credit hours needs to be earned to qualify for graduation. Courses are concentrated in various fields such as Old Testament, New Testament, Theology, Mission, History, Biblical Studies, Religions, Ethics, and Practical Theology. The program aims to develop skills in Bible exposition, teaching Biblical sound doctrines, church administration, church plantation skills, and Christian counseling. Professionally oriented Master of Divinity as the foundational course prepares the candidates to pursue their further research-level degree of Master of Theology and it seeks to prepare candidates to be well dedicated and skillfully competent in the Christian ministerial capacities.

Entry Qualifications

1. An applicant must be a graduate with a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized college and university.

2. An applicant must pass the qualifying examination minimum with a B grade.

3. An applicant who has obtained second class (B-) and above overall in B.Th. may apply for M.Div.

4. A graduate in B.A./B.Sc./B. B. A. who wants to go for the M.Div. program must first complete one-year Pre-M. Div. course which is specially designed for degree holders and then may join the M.Div. Course, (total of 3 years to complete M.Div.)

5. An applicant who has obtained below B- in B.Th. or etc. needs to study one-year pre–M. Div. course to qualify for 2 years M. Div. programs.

6. An applicant must pass the entrance written examination and an oral interview prescribed by the institution.


Educate and develop Christians for leadership and social service.


Nepal Baptist College (NBC) Exist to bring glory to God by equipping and empowering disciples through Theological Education for effective ministries to build the Kingdom of God.


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